Rosi Brook


Rosi has graduated from Centro de Superación para la Cultura de la Habana as a professional show dancer.

She has worked for six years as a dancer in several groups, in different places in Cuba, such as el Palenque, los Wuemileres, various hotels, los Carnavales de Cuba, and in various provinces of Cuba. Also, Rosi worked on two occasions in Mexico with a show group and carnaval comparsa of Jovenes del Este from Cuba.

In the shows, she has performed cabaret, folkloristic dances (rumba, palo, yoruba, and others), Haitian dances, and popular and tradicional dances of Cuba. In Cuba and in Mexico, Rosi taught dancing to groups and individuals.

When she was dancing in Havana, Rosi was one of the most popular dancers of Afro-Cuban rumba - and in fact she still is, because when she goes to the rumba events visited by the top dancers of Havana, she is continually asked to dance.

Rosi teaches in Finnish and Spanish and she has over 5 years of teaching experience in Finland, where she has been teaching in most major cities and many of the major latin dance schools.